Strategy Development

Strategy and campaign development

We work to devise, articulate and implement strategic plans to support delivery of commercial goals. From what you say, to how you say it, and who you say it to. Our team creates strategies, guides your engagement and builds campaigns that derive outcomes.

We are experienced in enhancing brand and social licence to operate in competitive markets. We bring this perspective to all our work and can guide organisational positioning on key issues. We can also work with you to position tender responses sensitively to the external environment.

Positioning on high profile and/or contentious issues

We work collaboratively with leadership to shape the strategic direction of the organisation, particularly on issues that are high profile and/or contentious. Enhancing reputation and social licence to operate is directly impacted by an organisation’s approach to the issues people care about.

Executive profile building

We design strategies for targeted profile building that support organisational objectives. Focussing on public policy issues that are central to the organisation, with the stakeholders who will be decisive in attitudes towards the organisation and the issues.